Monaco business trip

A canceled meeting

My canceled business meeting is the reason why now I am driving by the French Riviera with Coldplay flooding the interior of my vintage Porsche Carrera and asking myself how should I spend my next long hours here, in Monaco. That is definitely a premiere in a while: I can’t recall the last time I’ve been having so much time to kill.
My business meeting has been last minute canceled and rescheduled for the next day at noon so here I am “trapped” for an entire day&night all by myself. As I am leaving my car to be parked in front of Fairmont Hotel I change my mind and instead of going to my suit I go to Saphir 24, my hotel bar.

Ways of a view to inspire you…

More than one hour later, after replying to numerous emails and having some shorts phone calls back home, I sit back and enjoy the view. I must say it’s a spectacular one and makes me think more about how am I going to spend my time until my meeting tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go to Casino in the evening, after all I’m in Monte Carlo, this is one of the reasons why people choose to come here. Or maybe I’ll just go out for some drinks. But to do it all by myself… it’s not so fun. Starting from this, thinking that it would’ve been much more fun with a companion.. I ended up on an Monte Carlo escort agency site. A premium one, of course. I never used an escort services but I really thought that is actually the best moment to do it. I really need someone as a companion for my Monaco staying, someone I can relax with, have some drinks and just enjoy some of Monaco’s posh venues without any other concerns and no strings attached. Since I am being “trapped”here I may just enjoy these few hours!

When you get more than you’ve hopped for…

Searching through the premium Monte Carlo escorts profiles, I’ve been able to find myself in the posture where I just couldn’t decide which one to choose. And I must say I am a very fastidious especially when it comes to women. But this luxury escort site seemed to have everything you could ever wish in a companion. It took me almost 1 hour to book my companion for that night only because it was so hard to decide myself because otherwise the entire process was very simple actually.
Anna was everything that I hoped for and more. The minute she walked in the Bar, half of the men turned their heads… and the other ones for sure weren’t straight guys. She was an appearance and her pictures from the escort agency site do her no good: she somehow managed to beat those. She was classy and, apart from her gorgeous look, she had a very witty sense of humor. Her smile was contagious and I was feeling relaxed for the first time in months. The whole setting of Saphir 24 bar changed and Anna was the perfect companion to soak up the ambiance of the location.

Only the beginning

That night we didn’t leave the hotel, and, in the morning I was feeling more ready than ever to crash my business meeting and seal this deal that me and my team are negotiating since months. Anna somehow managed to burst me into a whole new energy level even though I didn’t had too much sleep that night.
The next day I ended up celebrating my success in the Port of Monaco drinking champagne with Anna at La Rascasse where we’ve been partying till late night.
My Monaco trip was the trigger that got me, later on, to use the luxury escort agency services more often that I ever thought I would.Beside the fun part of it I get the premium escort services mostly because of the practical reasons: whenever I needed a companion for a business related dinner or when I am finding myself in a country for the first time and want someone to be not just my companion for a night out but also a guide.

A successful Doha deal

Business trip only

Our successful Doha deal started when me & my business partner and childhood friend Alex went to Doha for a business meeting to close a deal that we were struggling for months now. We didn’t get to find out many things about Qatar, we just wanted to go there, finish the negotiations, sign the papers and in 3-4 days maximum get back home to the other businesses waiting for our attention. But… sometimes the plans made back home don’t match with the ones at the destination.

The bet

We were impressed by the stunning architecture of the city and the office building where our meeting took place was a real modern architecture gem. At the end of a long negotiations day, both me and Alex were feeling tired but we were also too excited to call it a day, despite the long flight that brought us to Doha.
The driver left us at La Cigale Hotel, our home for these days. We decided to stop at the 15th floor at the Sky View for some drinks. It was only 7 p.m. and we were feeling excited for how the negotiations went on and we were both waiting for the next day when I was pretty sure that we will finally close the deal. Alex wasn’t expecting to close it till 2-3 days after. So… there we were discussing about it, in this luxurious atmosphere, with a spectacular view over the city skyline and with a couple drinks more than we we supposed to get. I was talking about how tomorrow we will have the celebrating drinks in this exact spot, and Alex was arguing with me about it. I was saying that all we need more except the drinks to celebrate is a good company. So we placed a bet: if we close the negotiations by tomorrow we will celebrate all night long, not by ourselves but in a good company also. If not, when we get back home I’d have to let Alex drive my new car for a whole week. So, consider in the fact that I could never let this happen, I entered a luxury Doha escort agency site to choose the perfect companions for tomorrow night. I am the reckless one but I am also the one that has the gut. I had it in my gut that I will win. Therefore we’ve spent the next hour (man I didn’t thought that there were so many options for us to choose) scrolling down these premium escorts profiles looking for our perfect ones. In the end I called up and established all the details of our encounter for tomorrow night.

A lost bet

The next day, somewhere around 6 pm Alex was feeling happy that he lost that bet- we finally signed all the papers and close our business deal. And he was even happier when, later on, at the Sky View terrace, Nikki and Elle- the premium escorts we choose the other day, showed up. They both looked stunning, even more beautiful than their profiles pictures from the escort site. And they sure did know how to party! The champagne that kept on coming to our table, the spectacular view over Doha’s city line, the success of our deal and the gorgeous girls made it a perfect night.
And of course, later on, the party continued back in our hotel rooms. No need to say that later, the next day Alex told me that not even in his wildest dreams he didn’t felt so pampered as the Doha escort made him feel.


We’ve decided to stay for one more day just to celebrate and to enjoy our latest success. We’ve spent the entire day at the hotel spa together with Elle and Nikki. They were pleasant to have around and with a great sense of humor. Nikki even arranged for us a table at the famous Oxygen Club so that we’ve had another memorable night in Doha.This is how from that Doha night on,me and Alex made a tradition that for every successful business trip we will make in the future we will celebrate it for real with a luxury escort as our party companion.